Welcome to Nonprofit Grind

Nonprofit (noun) (Dictionary.com) – a nonprofit organization, institution, corporation, or other entity.

Grind (noun) (Urban Dictionary) – 1) Your hustle; 2) Good work ethic, doing what you do.

I’m Rocky Cabagnot.  My nonprofit grind is practicing law as an attorney for the nonprofit sector in North Carolina (particularly the Charlotte metro area) with the law firm of Hull & Chandler, P.A..  Prior to returning to the fulltime practice of law in October 2019, I served for two years as the Executive Director of the Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency where I learned that running a nonprofit is hard work (understatement of the century).  Before that, I taught at an ABA law school for five years, where I supervised a legal clinic (staffed by upper level students) which provided direct pro bono legal services to community groups and nonprofits.  I was also a legal services attorney for eight years prior to teaching law school.  Public interest and nonprofits have been hall marks of my career.
That said, this website is dedicated to all of you who are on your own nonprofit grind.  Perhaps you are thinking of starting a nonprofit?  Perhaps you are the CEO/Executive Director of an existing nonprofit?  Perhaps you are a board member of a nonprofit or thinking about becoming a board member?
On this site, I’ll be posting some blogs related to legal issues about the nonprofit sector.
My intention is to eventually start a podcast called “Nonprofit Grind” as well.  But I’ll post some blogs in the meantime.
Thank you for coming on this journey with me.  And of course, stay on your nonprofit grind!


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